Since launching the results of IBM’s study on the next generation of manufacturing technologies (here or here in English and here in Chinese), I have had the opportunity to go around the world and talk to many IBM clients and industry leaders about the research. Continue reading

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It’s been said over and over again that 3D printing will change the supply chain – for everyone. However, so much of what has been published focuses on the maker community – the small home applications and printers – that the noise crowds out the Continue reading

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3D Printing – Transforming Service Operations By Leonard Lee July 10, 2013 In the second post of my series on 3D printing, we began to explore the benefit case for the Software-Defined Supply Chain (previously referred to as “Digital Supply Chain”) for the scenario of Continue reading

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It’s often said that to understand the future, you need to look to the past. I’m generally someone who prefers to be present in the moment. But when it comes to technology, the ability to look into a crystal ball and visualize the future is Continue reading

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What if you could get that critical, custom part the same day that you needed it for an urgent warranty repair for a customer? What if you could avoid the cost of carrying expensive, slow-moving service inventory items and eliminate the lead-time associated…Continue reading

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There is a great deal of buzz around 3D printing (also known as 3D manufacturing or additive manufacturing in its broader terms) in today ’ s tech press. 3D manufacturing’s increasing prominence is underscored by President Obama ’ s inaugural…Continue reading

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